AT&T to cover about 250M people with HSPA by year's end -- Engadget

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, May 14, 2010

At&t has certainly been apprehensive to increase their offering in the cellular arena as of late. They have been content to follow Verizon's lead in the industry and price their plans almost identically to their competitors. Finally after several changes to the expectation of their data network At&t has decided to upgrade their data offering. No doubt, this is in some part due to the nuclear holocaust that analysts have unleashed on the quality of their data network. The improvement will come in the form of HSPA+. This 3.5G technology will provide vast improvements in speed to their customers, as well as many much needed capacity improvements. The Goal is to have 250 Million customers covered in this new faster technology by the end of 2010. This upgrade will finish at an interesting time, as Verizon will start to release their 4G technology LTE during the same time frame. Speeds are expected to be double that of the current 7.2 Mbps theoretical maximum of HSPA. Regardless of the fact that At&t has chosen to play the game from the last place position, this will be a positive initiative for customers all around. Even T-Mobile a decidedly smaller national carrier has improved their data network dramatically to 21 Mbps.


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