Google To Sell Devices In Stores

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, May 14, 2010

After the lackluster performance of the highly anticipated Nexus one, Google has announced they will cease web sales of mobile phones. Google finds that it is clear most customers with the exception of early adopters still want the hands on in-store experience before they buy a device. Google will begin working with. Carrier partners to sell their handsets via brick-and-mortar stores. Google's online store for the Nexus one will remain open until the phones begin being sold in location. Several carriers have decided to forgo the Nexus one in favor of more capable Android based devices that are starting to release. Verizon has chosen the incredible as their alternative, and has already started sales of the unit for better than a month now. Sprint also rejected bid for the Nexus One in favor of the HTV EVO 4G Which is expected to release June 4th.

UPDATE: Photo Added.

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