Mobile Word Congress To Be An Android Field Day

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mobile World Congress is known for being one of those events that handset manufacturers show off their goods, and try very hard to out do each other. Even with the poor posting of number across the wireless industry in the fourth quarter this years MWC is going to be no exception. Currently there is only one phone in North America that operates on Google's Android platform. This number will change by the end of the show. Samsung and HTC both have another device to add to these ranks. We expect the devices to be revealed with the rest of the telecom world watching in awe. Motorola, LG, and Sony Ericsson have all recently committed to an Android phone development they are too early in the process to deliver the goods by show time. The show is also going to be full of non-traditional vendors such as Huawei, Acer, and possibly even Dell. All three companies are not known for handset production in North America. Huawei is starting to make a forey into the American handset markets, after selling exclusivly in Europe, and intends to start a bang with a handset announcement running Android. Both Dell and Acer will most likely release a Windows Mobile device that integrates well with their PC based business. It seems since Apple produced the iPhone everyone thinks they can make a good cell phone. Time will tell I guess, but its certainly the start of a war.

Everyone is also in high hopes that information will be released about the up and coming Windows Mobile 6.5. This has been pretty under wraps with Microsoft leaking bits and pieces just to get our juices flowing. Will Winodws Mobile 6.5 be the best Windows Mobile yet, or will this too be riddled with seemingly unstoppable super bugs? MWC won't give us the answer, but should leave us wriggling with anticipation.

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