Exploding Rogues

Posted by Kallan Dahn Saturday, May 15, 2010

Every lost your phone between the seats in your car? Well one owner of a Samsung Rogue did just that. While trying to fish the phone out from between the seats, he pulled the lever and accidentally crunched the phone. That was the last time the phone was ever seen in one piece. Upon being crushed the phone exploded!  After cleaning our his eyes it the phone was discovered in the following condition (pictured left) Seems like the explosion was quite impressive.  The movement of the seat punctured the casing on the battery. Lithium-Ion batteries, which are commonly used in todays cell phones, are a very volatile combination of unstable chemicals. You can read another article that I have written on batteries HERE.

Remember that warnings on batteries are there for a reason. They really should not be exposed to direct sunlight, excess heat, cold, or be disposed of in a fire. Evidently crushed in your car will also need to join that list.

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