Microsoft and MyPhone Get Into The Game..Almost

Posted by Kallan Dahn Monday, February 9, 2009

Microsoft has announced a new back up service that will tie your cellular phone, computer, and Internet together. MyPhone allows users to back up information such as contacts from their cellular phone to a password protected website. The launch of this service will mark the first time that Microsoft has been able to tie all 3 areas of their core business services together. Their core businesses will cohesively work to allow you to see the same contact information on your phone or on your PC via the Internet. MyPhone is currently a free service yielding no charges from Microsoft, however, as usual carrier data usage charges may apply. MyPhone is currently available through an invitation only closed Beta. Windows Mobile 6.0 + will be required to make use of this service. No word yet as to whether Microsoft plans to expand this service to other handset operating systems or devices.

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