Touch Diamond and Touch Pro to Sprint and Verizon

Posted by Kallan Dahn Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sprints HTC Victor (touch Diamond for Verizon) will sport a slightly faster CPU, Aluminum frame, 4 GB of internal memory, EVDO Rev A support, and an accelerometer. Verizons Diamond will include MicroSD expansion instead of internal memory, half the RAM, and slower CPU. The only thing Verizons version has going for it right now is my love for stainless steel. (ooooh Shiny!)
The Touch Pro will be named Herman for Sprint and Raphael for Verizon. Details are pointing to a release date in early September for the Victor with the Herman about a month or so behind. Verizons versions of the phone are expected 30 days later than sprints. (exclusivity agreement?)
If these phones are anything like they are rumored to be, Sprint may be on the road to redemtion!

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