iPhone update 2.0.1 ruins unlocked iPhones

Posted by Kallan Dahn Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Are unlocked iPhones a thing of the past? They are if Steve Jobs and Apple have anything to say about it. The newest update for the iPhone 2.0.1 has been reaking havoc on some carrier unlocks. There have even been spiratic reports of "bricking" some unlocked phones. The new update gives revision to the 3G baseband. Unlocked phones have been experiencing the faliure to connect to iTunes. The failier has been followed by error coded "0xE8000001". For those of you that have an unlocked iPhone I would wait for an updated Pwnage Tool from Dev Team. They are working dilligently to have their work destroyed again by update 2.0.2. Updating will at least cause you to loose access to any "jailbroken" applications that you have installed. This issue is even occuring with some of the unlocked phones in very isolated incidents. Reports are comming in from Spain, belgium, finland, and the united states. Bottom line on this one folks, if you like your shiny new iPhone, don't unlock it. Apple giveth (for a fee) and Apple taketh away (for free).

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