Samsung To Beat 2009 Handset Target

Posted by Kallan Dahn Monday, November 30, 2009

Spured by a large increase in the sales of touch screen devices, Samsung has announced that it will likely beat their 2009 handset sales forcast.  Last year Samsung sold 197 Million phones world-wide to become the number two handset manufacturer (by volume) wold-wide, only seconded by Nokia.  Currently Samsung has sold 40 Million touch-screen enabled devices compared to the 10 million in 2008, its understandable where the growth is coming from.   Samsung's market share for the first time has surpased 20% of the world-wide market.

"This was the first time a vendor other than Nokia has shipped more than one-fifth of the world's handsets since Motorola's Razr-heyday performance of 2006. The key to Samsung's growth has been an attractive portfolio of touchphones and an expanding retail presence across multiple regions."  according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

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