Ca Home for Android Gets An Update

Posted by Kallan Dahn Sunday, October 3, 2010

Car Home is an application that comes standard on Android based devices.  The application has shortcuts to allow you to still use your device while in the vehicle, but make the usage of the device easier.  The menu is simplified, and allows you to quickly access useful tools while on the road such as GPS navigation.  The Car Home application has an updated version available in the App Market.  The new version will allow you to customize the even further simplified menu, change the shortcuts on the screen, and even launch into Car Home when paired with a Bluetooth Headset.  The wallpaper is also able to be customized this time around.  Car Home has also released a development kit to allow developers to make their own applications compatible with Car Home.  Car Home requires Android 2.2 to download, and is of course a free download.

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