Apple's Wormy $8.2 Billion Disappoints Wall Street

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, October 26, 2012

Apple fell just short of annalists predictions for the Fourth quarter.  Predictions were set for Apple to produce $8.3 Billion in profits for the fourth quarter.  As expected their stock price dropped to $600 per share on the announcement.  The demand for the iPhone 5 is promising to put Apple back on track for the first quarter, as the demand has been larger than expected, and they are having difficulty keeping up with production.  Apple has also recently won their Patent Violation lawsuit against Samsung in the United States.  The win should prove to put some distance between Apple and Samsung in the market place.  Samsung is currently heavily relying on the Android operating system to fuel their smart phone sales.  Putting one of the larger manufacturers are arms length can only serve to assist Apple in trying to increase their market share for IOS.

Via Wireless Week

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