Clearwire Produces 90MB/s LTE Test

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clearwire has released that in their LTE test bed in Phoenix has seen peak download speeds of 90Mbps  The speed is a significant difference between their advertised WiMAX speeds, and their LTE.  One fact that needs to be noted about this test is that the test was performed on a test network.  This network would not be subject to real world stresses and abuses by users that could cause a reduction in the performance speed.  The testing speeds and real world speeds tend to be very different.  That being said is the test was performed in a 20x20 Mhz configuration.  Verizon Wireless is expecting 5-12Mbps speeds on their real world network, and Clearwire's own WiMAX option runs at 3-6Mbps.  Clearwire's recent concentrated efforts with LTE should not be viewed as a play to abandon the WiMAX technology.  Clearwire has announced that their WiMAX will cover 120 POPs this year.

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