Free Wireless Broadband FCC Style

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin wants 25% of the upcoming AWS-3 auction held for free wireless broadband. The FCC still has a fixation with delivering free wireless to rural areas, and expect everyone else to pay for it. How about giving the spectrum free to a group for the purpose of making this happen. The FCC could set implementation guidelines for the group, and offer matched funding, and assistance will business model so there would be a way for the investing company to profit without passing direct cost to customers. The AWS spectrum is already having too many provisions placed on it. The market is not going to tolerate an overly restricted spectral block at auction. The auction will finally occur, and the minimum bid will never be triggered. NOTE TO FCC: Rethink the rules for the auction of this spectrum to give bidders a little more freedom to achieve your goal, maybe you will get more cooperation!

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