Clearwire Confirms LTE

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, August 5, 2010

After months of rumors flying around the internet, Clearwire finally has
confirmed suspicions that they are going to deploy an LTE network.
Armed with massive spectrum holdings Clearwire is prepared to start LTE
trials using Samsung base station equipment, and Huaweii receivers. The
company made it clear that they are not abandoning WiMAX and expects LTE
to add to their portfolio. Clearwire considers themselves to be
technology agnostic even after the pro WiMAX arguments they issued with
the launch of their first 4G network. Clearwire will be using 40 Mhz of
paired channel spectrum (2 channels matched at 20 Mhz each) in an FDD
(Frequency Division Duplex) configuration. This is twice the amount of
frequency in matched channels they are using for WiMAX. Speeds are
expected to reach real world per-user-speeds of 20-70 Mbps. Clearwire
took the opportunity to fire a shot across the bow of Verizon mentioning
that their expected speed will be significantly faster than the expected
5-12 Mbps of other deployments.

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