LG and Nortel Complete first LTE Handoff

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LG Electronics and Nortel have completed the worlds first 3GPP compliant active handoff between the LTE network, and a CDMA based EVDO network in Nortel's Research Lab.  The demonstration that followed the completion of this feat proves the reliability of video downloads, web surfing, and even connection sensitive VOIP calls were handled perfectly while the user moves between the two different networks.  The equipment used in the test was an LG M13 CDMA/LTE data modem.  LG has been working on developing equipment for LTE since 2006.  In 2008 LG unveiled the first modem chipset for LTE.

Mobile operators are looking at deploying services based on LTE as early as 2010, so the demonstration of these two incompatible services working together is putting mobile operators at ease.  Their networks will be able to overlap voice coverage for CDMA based application, and data coverage for LTE based application without the worry of interference or call lost issues.

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