Alltel Verizon Merger Update - Midwest

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, August 27, 2009

Verizon has started sending communications to their customers regarding their merger with Alltel, and the transitioning of their customers into the Verizon family.  According to the notice, it seems the Midewest will transition October 17th, 2009.  At that time Verizon will rename My Circle to Friends and Family.  Currently no changes will be made to My Circle, however the numbers will be managed using Verizon's Online Account Management System :  My Verizon.

Currently no changes to customer account are being made, and all features, plans, price-points, subscriptions downloads, and hardware functions of handsets will remain the same.  Customer that make any changes to their account prior to October 17th will be allowed to remain on what is available, and I am being told by reliable sources that wish to remain unnamed that a standard set of Alltel's packages will still be available after the merger.  My source would not delve into specifics regarding the availability of rate plans. 

Begining October 17th customers will also be able to begin using handsets available on the other side of the company.  Alltel plans will work with Verizon handsets, and vice-vera provided no data is being used.  Voice and text will be the only functionality supported due to network restrictions. (This does not include Picure, video, or audio messages sent via multi-media messaging.)  Customers wishing to maintain all data functionality on their account will need to purchase a data capable handset with the apropriate packages available for that branded device.

Starting October 5th Alltel customers that will become Verizon on the 17th will be covered by a new set of terms and conditions.  (This does not mean you can cancel your contract without a fee! Sorry!)
The terms for post-paid contract subscribers can be found here.  The new Terms for Prepaid subscribers are available here.

Please be advised that the changes mentioned above may change by market area.  Some areas may transition in this fashion at the same time, some may be earlier, and some will be later.  Please check with a representative in your area to find out more about the particulars in your specific market.

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