Rumor: iPhone 4G for Verizon?

Posted by Kallan Dahn Monday, September 29, 2008

There is a rumor starting to circulate around the Internet very quickly that Verizon will be getting a version of Apple's popular iPhone. For a significant amount of time industry professionals have believed this would not happen. Concerns over CDMA being a minority technology seem to cast doubt into this rumor, however this time the rumor comes prepared. On Apples website they are looking for engineers that have experience with CDMA and EVDO devices. Why would then need CDMA and EVDO engineers for GSM and UMTS technologies? Verizon was Apple's original first pick for the iPhone, but disagreements between the two companies made this impossible at the time. No public documents have ever been release by either At&t or Apple stating the term for the iPhones exclusivity in the United States. Carriers are gravitating toward an open network reach as we get closer and closer to 4G data. LTE will not start rolling out until 2009, and the new iPhone is rumored to be announced at Macworld 09. The release of the iPhone 3G on multiple networks across the world show possibility that Apple wants to diversify its hand in the cellular market place. Could this be a move to help it compete agains Android? We are certainly not getting any answers about the legitimacy of this rumor, but with the support it is carrying in terms of information to back the claim, it was certainly worthy of notice. We will follow what happens over the next several months, while we try to confirm details. I don't believe that Apple would release an iPhone stricly CDMA/EVDO with the worlds market being so small. I do see Apple maybe trying to make the iPhone a more all in one device for any network. The new "iPhone 4G" could be CDMA, EVDO, HSDPA, and GSM. Maybe we will see a little thicker device with radios allowing the device to be used with any carrier? You buy from Apple, and activate with the service of your choice. Time will tell. Leave your take in the comments.

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