Verizon Customizes Data Plans

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Verizon Wireless has been dropping hints that they would be moving to a tiered data package for their smart phones and PDA's, and have finally release some juicy tid-bits.  Verizon believes that the new pricing will offer more flexibility to their customers to allow their phones to work for them without breaking their bank.  Pricing is as follows:
Smartphones - $15/ month for 150 MB of data with overage at $0.10/Mb or $29.99 for unlimited.
Tablet Plans - $20 1GB / $35 3GB / $50 5GB  Overage will be charged at $10/GB. (all fees are monthly)
Mifi/Five Spot/Notebook Plans - $50 5 GB / $80 10 GB Overage  $10/GB
*** The Mifi and Five Spot will have access to the tablet plans as well.
Standard USB modems will remain unchanged, and features phones will still have the $1.99/day pay-per-day option.
The $9.99 option for advanced multi-media devices is going to be eliminated at the same time these new plans are ushered in. 
The changes are expected to fall in place October 28th to coincide with the release of the iPad on Verizon.

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