Wifi Favored Over 3G For Smart Devices

Posted by Kallan Dahn Monday, February 2, 2009

A recent study conducted by Devicescape, a Wifi applications vendor, has yielded interesting results. Nearly 80% of smart phone users would prefer to access the internet on their device using a Wifi connection, as opposed to a 3G connection. 85% of those being surveyed said they would be in favor of a city-wide Wifi network, and of those 56% said they would be willing to pay for the service. The popularity of Wifi enabled smart phones, have almost forced vendors to embrace Wifi connectivity to some degree. The biggest problem however, is that users are frustrated with log in proceedures for Wifi networks. The current proceedures are overly complex when looking at seemless roaming between Wifi and 3G. The city wide network model however, makes a good case for access. The data speeds available are higher than with 3G, and are also lower cost.

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