Vodaphone Has Trouble With Storm Sales

Posted by Kallan Dahn Monday, February 2, 2009

Sales at Vodaphone for the Blackberry Store have just fell off. Upon release estimates put the carrier selling 20,000 a week. The current estimates decimates this number, and result in a huge loss down to about 6,000 a week. Vodaphone is going to try to bundle the Storm with a mobile broadband dongle to increase the value. Voda also understands that the coolness factor of this phone is going to attract many customer for the first time to a smart phone. As a result, Voda is making sure sales staff are giving customers a proper demonstration before they are allowed to make a purchase. This demo is in hopes of reducing the number of handsets that are getting returned to the carrier. Some of the returns may be because the average customer may not fully understand how to utilize the device, and return it out of frustration. The Storm returns are in line with the other smart phones being offered, and Voda hopes to keep things that way.
Voda's US partner Verizon Wireless has sold nearly 1 million Storm since the handsets launch. Compared to the iPhone, At&t sold nearly 2 Million iPhones in the fourth quarter.

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