Verizon Gets 700Mhz License

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, November 14, 2008

Verizon Wireless placed a $4.7 Billion bid in the last spectrum auction held by the FCC to acquire licenses to transmit on the coveted 700Mhz frequencies.  This 700Mhz frequency is perfect for carrying broadband type services due to its low frequency, and the penetration characteristics radio signal appropriates as the frequency lowers.  Verizon exceeded the 95 Mhz spectral screen in 17 markets, but he FCC has deemed the additional spectrum will not hurt competition in those areas.  New Jersey, however, become a different story.  Verizon will need to divest 10 Mhz of spectrum in this market to keep competition regulated.  Google tried to convince the FCC to put more stringent requirements on this block of spectrum, however the FCC did not grant this request.  Verizon will be able to move forward with their plans for the spectrum.  No doubt, they will be hoarding this for the deployment of their 4th Generation data network of choice, LTE.

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