FCC: Deutsche Telecom Owns Too Much of T-Mobile

Posted by Kallan Dahn Saturday, November 1, 2008

Recent FCC activity putting the Alltel/Verizon merger under a microscope has turned out bad for T-Mobile.  The major national carrier may not be American enough for the FCC.  A letter sent out by the FCC informed the carrier that Deutsche Telecom owns approximately 10% more of the company than is currently allowed by law.  Federal guidelines require a mobile carrier in the United States that controls spectral license to be foreign owned by no more than 20%.  Deutsche Telecom currently owns almost 30% of T-Mobile USA.  The letter also gave T-Mobile 30 days to respond to the FCC's request to abide by the law.  T-Mobile is currently weighing their options, and there is no word yet as to the course of action to be taken by the infringing companies.

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