Sprints Consumer Friendly ETF unveiled

Posted by Kallan Dahn Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sprint has announced the new structure that they will impose on their customers regarding early termination fees. Early termination fees prove to be a hot button issue for the mobile carriers this year. Court cases have be lost by carriers on various fronts. California is one state that early termination fees will not fly. California regards the fee as an unethical and immoral business practice. November 2nd is the magic date for subscribers wanting to get into the new policy. Contracts signed after November 2nd will be fitted with the new termination fee policy. The new policy explains that the classic termination fee of $200 per line will apply for the first six months of any contract. After six months, the fee will drop by $10 each month that passes. This means that the early termination fee can vary from $200 for a brand new contract to as little as $50 for a contract near its last leg. The FCC's current chairman Kevin Martin has been looking into "federalizing" the early termination fee policies. The policy Sprint is adopting is very similar to that given as an example by Kevin earlier this year. Mobile carriers may avoid this being regulated by the FCC simply by migrating to newer, more consumer friendly, ETF policies voluntarily.

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