Sprint Recommits to Nextel's iDEN Network

Posted by Kallan Dahn Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sprint has seen the IDEN network in a new light.  Apparently, after being willing to dump the network for the "right" offer, the troubled carrier has decided to turn the boat around and rejuvenate Nextel's nationwide IDEN network.  Nextel has long held immense customer loyalty over their walkie-talkie product dubbed direct connect.  Direct Connect is the fastest two way instant communications product of its kind in the wireless industry.  Sprint has re-aligned itself with Motorola by extending their partnership for network and software support.  A new up-to-date range of devices is just what the doctor ordered, and is exactly what Sprint will be dishing out.  The new range of devices will also include an iDEN Blackberry curve.  Eight total models of IDEN device will blast us in 2009, 5 of them should occur within the first half of the year.  Sprint has been spending a great deal of time trying to fix corporate woes, and as a result stepped away from being competitive for a little while.  The renewed focus toward IDEN, improving reviews in JD Power and Associates wireless industry surveys, and a new year should prove impressive for both Sprint and their remaining customers.  2009 should get very interesting with Sprint coming out of the gate with a bang.

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