Sandisk 16G MicroSDHC

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sandisk has announced that they will release for sale MicroSDHC and M2 media cards in 16Gb size. The M2 will release $130, while the MicroSDHC card will be $100. The cards will release in October. Both are currently available in 2,4, and 8 Gb capacities. Not all phones will support MicroSD cards in excess of 2 GB. Most newer media phones are MicroSDHC enabled and currently support the 8Gb; these phones will support the 16Gb and higher until they change from the MicroSDHC standard. Sandisk is currently in the process of releasing SlotMusic in 1Gb formats. [Article Here]. Not to mention [Samsung] has been looking at picking up Sandisk as well.

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