SlotMusic: Sandisk Seeks Alternative to Digital Delivery

Posted by Kallan Dahn Monday, September 22, 2008

SlotMusic is the brainchild of Sandisk. You know, the same guys that brought us MicroSD cards for our cell phones. Sandisk has teamed up with all the major figureheads of the recording industry to bring SlotMusic to a store near you. SlotMusic is basically a high quality MP3 put on a MicroSD card. The music will be encoded to 320 kilobytes per second. The cards will come prepackaged with a USB card sleeve so they will be compatible across multiple devices. The music will also be DRM free. You will be free to move the music to any MP3 compatible device of your choosing! The MicroSD cards filled with media will be 1GB in size, and allow for the artist to add and entire album, as well as other chosen extras.

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