Wireless Industry Seeks Network Traffic Regulation

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, August 8, 2008

A very large collision of companies have submitted to the FCC asking for a 2 fold ruling. The first part stating that the IP based traffic sector in the telecom industry would be regulated solely on the federal level, without any state involvement, and the second part would impose a limit on the amount any given provider could charge for terminating their phone connections, and carrying their voice traffic. The current suggestion for cost limitation is .0007 cents per minute of use. This would put cellular in line with compensation rates currently associated with Internet based traffic. The carriers that are included in this request from the FCC are: AT&T Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp., Verizon Wireless, CompTIA, Global Crossing, the Information Technology Industry Council, National Association of Manufacturers, New Global Telecom, PointOne, the Telecommunications Industry Association and the VON Coalition.

{RCR Wireless}

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