T-Mobile gets "dirty" Prepaid off the streets

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, August 8, 2008

T-Mobile was granted an injunction against prepaid cell phone traffickers. With the assistance of Judges in Houston, and Dallas Texas both Phone Xchange, and ASPAC Inc have been required to stop trafficking T-Mobile's Prepaid cellular phones. T-Mobile was further awarded $6.5 million in damages along with the injunction. T-Mobile believes that Bulk purchasing, unlocking, and reselling their phones hurts customers. Since these phones may still carry T-Mobiles brand, customers may become confused about the origin, and the warranties associated with their phones. Part of T-Mobile's commitment to their customers "safety" has lead to six other lawsuits that are still pending.
“We are pleased by the result in these cases, and expect similar successes in our other pending and planned lawsuits" Said Doug Chartier, vice president, retail partner sales, T-Mobile USA. No criminal charges have been directly handed down in any case, however, one man was jailed for criminal contempt of court, when he violated a similar injunction. Violation of this injunction also carriers a penalty of $1 Million to be paid to T-Mobile for "damages".


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