Cellular South to Leave CTIA

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cellular South, a small regional carrier mainly in Alabama, Tennesee, and Mississippi, has decided to leave the Cable and Telecom Industry Association. (CTIA)
Cellular South claims the move is prompted by CTIA favoring larger members.  "It all comes back to the largest two carriers and their policy positions. And so, ultimately, in our view, CTIA has become a surrogate for AT&T and Verizon." said Eric Graham Vice President of Goverment Relations for Cellular South.
John Walls, Vice President of Public affairs for CTIA issued this statement in response to their claim.  "We're very happy with the variety of membership, and we certainly think we're doing a very good job of representing their interests."  Graham claims that CTIA would on occasion take a publicly neutral stance on a matter, and then work behind the scenes to undercut the interest of the smaller carriers.   "To be clear, CTIA does a good job at what they do. That's part of the problem."

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