New Tower Siting Rules in Play

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The FCC has approved a new set of rules for tower siting.  Many applications for new towers or to add to existing towers have been held up by local and state goverments for as much as 3 years!  The new rules will require local and state goverments to make a descision on the tower approval for existing co-located towers within 90 days, and application for new towers construction within 150 days.  This will speed the process to build out coverage for wireless carriers much more quickly.  This is not a perfect solution as a municipality may simply deny the application without a proper review process. In this instance the operator will then need to seek a court appeal to get the application approved.  The changes in the rules however, were very well needed to allow mobile operators to conduct business in a fair and reasonable time-frame.

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