New Competition for MiFi, Zyxel MWR222

Posted by Kallan Dahn Monday, November 23, 2009

Zyxel Communications has introduced a new product that will meet head to head with the MiFi produced my Novatel.  The pocket-sized device will support routing of internet signal from any USB based aircard (from any carrier) to any 802.11n compliant device.  Zyxel is hoping wireless operators will offer the wireless router as an alternative to the MiFi, but will also stand alone offering the MRW222 through electronics retailers to emphisise the consumers freedom of choice in choosing a wireless provider.  The unit is small, battery powered, and 802.11n compliant, but is almost twice as heavy is the Mifi, and nearly twice as thick.  The unit will soon be available for purchase via electronics retailers, and will sell for $300.00.  Two other versions of the mobile router will be released that will sell for $200.00, and $100.00 respectively.  Features on these alternative models will vary.

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