Alltel and Verizon Merger - Now What

Posted by Kallan Dahn Sunday, October 25, 2009

So you are a used-to-be Alltel customer, and now you have been moved to Verizon. I know everyone is in an uproar right now wondering, "what does this mean for me?" The answer is simple. Verizon is allowing more options. Vicious rumors can be sent by the way-side, you are not being forced to do anything! You heard me correctly. Regardless of what your over-zealous cellular representative may have told you to pad their own pockets, you are not being required to change your equipment, or even your plan for that matter. Let's get into some specifics! Legacy Alltel customers will be allowed to keep their existing rate plans (unless you have been contacted by corporate Verizon via letter instructing you otherwise). Every area will be transitioning at different times, but as your area transitions, and you officially become a Verizon Wireless customer your selection of handsets will expand. Alltel will no longer provide your equipment choices. Verizon will provide a plethora of options to choose from, and at a reasonable price. Smart phone users rejoice! You will be able to add a Verizon smart phone to your existing Alltel plan with the aid of Verizon's $30 web and email for smart phone feature. (blackberry included). Now for some of you, the way Alltel used to price smart phones with the Smart Choice package may be the best option. You can still opt for this if you choose. Verizon is going to allow Verizon devices to function on Alltel plans. (some features such as VZ Navagator may not function properly unless on a Verizon plan) . You may even mix Alltel and Verizon devices on an Alltel plan if you like! You do need to be aware however, that Verizon bills data differently than Alltel. Alltel converts data usage to call time, and bills you per minute once you reach voice plan overage. Verizon bills you for the actual amount of data that you transfer. So if you are not subscribed to a Verizon data package and access the internet you will be billed at current per Mb usage rates. (Currently $1.99/Mb) Now their is going to be some restrictions. You WILL NOT be able to convert to a Verizon Wireless National rate plan of any kind until you have a Verizon branded handset for each of the lines on your account. However, each area is going to have some type of special assistance with this. I am not able to go into deeper details on this promotion, but it involves one line being eledgable for a discounted rate on a handset. Im sure your representative will be happy to assist you with this.

So armed with the proper knowledge you are ready continue on this journey of integration with a new company. I hope some of you are able to take comfort in knowing Verizon has chosen to merge these two companies the way they conducted business separately. For the good of the customers.

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