Samsung Sick of Getting Left Out

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, August 14, 2009

The world market is a very large place. While Samsung has been doing well overall with handset sales this year, on the global scale Samsung is just a drop in the bucket. Samsung is lagging behind the world smart phone market. Holding just 3.4% of the market, Samsung has a long way to go. Recently, Samsung has put out the Jet, a 3.1 AMOLED screened beauty. The handset runs on Samsungs Touchwiz 2.0 interface. Samsung is pushing hard to increase their touch screen offerings. This is one of between 45-50 touch screen handsets that Samsung will make available this year. Samsung expects to produce about 150 new handsets in 2009.

Samsung has made impressive increases in their overall global handset sales this year. Increasing their grasp on the global market to almost 20% up from 14% the previous year. Samsungs entire focus will not be on smart phones however. The low end handset market will not be safe.

Armed with the latest information from Juniper Research sighting the mid-level handset market shrinking. Samsung will redirect their focus to the other 2 remaining markets. High-end smart devices, and low end entry level handsets. By 2014 these 2 markets are expected to be 79% of the entire handset market. This would equate to about 1 billion units.

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