Verizon Voluntarily Offers to Divest 15 More Markets

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, October 9, 2008

Verizon Wireless has comited to voluntarily divesting in 15 additional markets. The markets were layed out in a letter filed with the FCC dated October 7th.
These additional markets include: Dothan, Butler, and Gila Alabama, Albandy and Spalding Gorgia, Souix City and Monona Iowa, Lake of the Woods Minnesota, Hickory and Yancey North Carolina, Boon Nebraska, Lincoln, Las Cruces New Mexico, Anderson South Carolina, and Beaver Utah. These markets are in addition to the markets previously commited to in their original application.
Verizon Wireless also made mention that where competitive issues may arrise in descreet markets, they will deal with those markets further along with the commission. The approval of the merger now will require Verizon to divest at least 100 total markets not withstanding any markets ordered in addition to by the FCC or the Department of Justice.

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