IDEN Razr i9 Passes FCC

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, October 23, 2008

motorola-i9-fcc The newest Motorola Razr is available for the first time in an IDEN flavor. The i9, which has not been officially announced by Motorola or Sprint is reminiscent of the Razr2 V9 series. This new Razr will sport 3.1 MP camera w/ auto-focus, GPS, Bluetooth (includes Stereo), PTT, and PTX. The front of the phone will carry a unique morphing key that changes depending on if you are holding the phone in portrait or landscape modes. This formerly code named CABO will make a great addition to the iDEN line up. IDEN customers have been waiting for a small feature filled phone like this since the release of the Razr V3c on the CDMA networks. The release dates, price information, and channel availability are still unknown.


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