FCC: White Space Testing is Complete

Posted by Kallan Dahn Saturday, October 11, 2008

For quite a while now there has been a battle raging between the FCC, companies like Google, and companies like T-Mobile. Google and some other open source companies want to see the white space, or frequencies between cellular frequencies opened up for unlicenced use. T-Mobile and a few other select companies claim that the use of these frequencies will interfere with their network. Oddly enough T-Mobile Germany does this quite successfully with one of their own Internet products in an almost identical way. T-Mobile seems like they are trying to block the opening of this spectrum as a power play to keep competition out of this market. T-Mobile USA in recent months has finally started their roll out of 3G high speed data technology. Other carriers are already light years ahead with their high speed internet roll outs. Sprint, for expample, has already rolled out WiMax for their 4th generation data network. Keeping any more competition out the the Internet arena would be a good idea for T-Mobile, especially the following that a company like Google will bring to wireless Internet. Google has an extremely strong customer fan base that is very loyal. A Google Internet launch would be huge. The report with the final results of the white space testing should be out in the next week. We should see a finaly desicion about white space usage shortly after.

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