At&t Gets A Virtural Store

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, October 2, 2008

At&t has just released a new version of its online store. Customers will now be greeted by what At&t is calling an "online experience store". This virtual store is a 3D representation of the At&t physical locations. Customers will be given the option to be guided by a virtual representative, or go it on their own to explore each station. Models of each phone are available for virtual "handling" in hopes to emulate the selection process that takes place in a real store. Customers naturally like to touch, feel, and operate their devices as part of the decision process. The use of this experience store will require the user to operate from a broadband Internet connection.

I spent a little time in their virtual store, and found the store to be impressive visually. The areas seemed easy to locate. I did find the virtual "handling" of the phones to be quite lacking. At&t could have done much better with actually allowing you to operate the phone with your mouse. The store did not even remotely give me the sense of being getting to know the phone or making a decision any more than the standard wireless carrier website. I still want to feel, and operate my phones before I purchase them. The website was however, a fun and interactive take on the ONLINE presentation of the devices. You can visit the "experience" yourself by clicking [here].

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