Train Crashes... Is Texting to Blame?

Posted by Kallan Dahn Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Los Angeles California was stirred this week when a Metrolink commuter train colided with a Union Pacific freight train. The crashed killed 25 including the engineer, and injured another 128 people. There are a couple of bystanders that claim to have received a text message about the same time as the crash. There is certainly a good reason to be concerned as there are already bans on texting while driving. Most train companies prohibit the engineers from using their phones while aboard the train already. Did the engineer violate these rules, or is this a case of coincidence? I feel that texting while operating anything besides my tv is just a bad idea. Will the new bands on texting while driving really curb the problem, or should we teach multi-tasking while driving as part of drivers education. After all police are trained to drive at high speed, and are allowed to do this when required for their job. This gives them crucial skills to cope with the change of pace. Would adding this type of requirement improve the likely hood of avoiding a crash? Sound off your opinions in the comments section!

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