At&t iPhone Internet Outage Fixed--Apple still full of bugs

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yesterday was a long day for some iPhone users in the Northeastern United States. It seems a glitch in one of their routers caused the iPhone to not connect to any web services. At&t has not elaborated on the specific nature of the "router glitch", but has solved the issue. The fix for this issue however, has not solved that fact that many iPhone 3G customers are receiving poor network reception. Additional patches for the iPhone are expected as we roll into fall to fix other issues with the iPhone. The drawback to the original iPhone was that it lacked 3G data, the businesses world shunned it. Now the 3G includes it, and Apple can't find a way to keep their device stable for any period of time. Business people just simply do not want to have to get up extra early every morning to install the latest iPhone patch. I think we are seeing the slow death of the phone that revolutionized the way customers look at mobile devices, and the way manufacturers approach these devices in terms of design and functionality. Unless Apple can stabilize the device issues, the iPhone will be doomed to a slow fizzling failure as it fails to capture the proper markets. While the iPhone will forever leave a lasting impression on the industry, I am officially writing Apple off my list of the influential. Apple will have to pull off a near miracle to stabilize this device, and keep existing unsatisfied customers from alienating the rest of their market in the process. The iPhone 3G is the Windows Vista of the cellular world. It was expected to be a life altering product, and it is. The device just falls short of everyones quality and security expectations for Microsoft let alone the expectations of Apple products. Don't get me wrong, I think Apple is still one of the best designers of User experience, they just really dropped the ball on this project. I have to wonder, Did they know about these problems and push the product anyways? Did their greed overtake their quality assurance? I mean they had to have tested this right? I would have to wonder how so many issues came out unnoticed by their team. I really hope that Apple proves me wrong, if they do I will be among the first to congratulate them on their turn around. I would abandon all hope of an iPhone 4G if they can't.

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