Apple releases 2.1 Update; Appears Successful

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, September 12, 2008

Apple may have finally fixed most of the issues with the iPhone 3G, and for good measure has gone back and fixed some issues still hanging in there with the original iPhone. Fixes in the new 2.1 update include 3G reception, battery life, improvements to "hanging" issues while installing, and in the slide to lock. Scattered reports from around the Internet confirm that some of these fixes indeed are working. I will be the first to admit, I may have been slightly quick to write off the possibility of Apple releasing a 4G phone. There are now only a few minor issues left with the iPhone 3G most of the remaining issues are more quirky than pertinent. I have added Apple back to my list of the industry's influential, but I have put them back on this list in pencil, as I am not sure how short lived this success will be. Apple still needs to go a little ways to get penned in. I however, applaud Apple's diligence in fixing these issues. Now all they need to do is admit they made a mistake by pushing the device out too early, and take accountability to their actions.

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