Alltel Workforce Locator

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yesterday Alltel announced Alltel Workforce Locator. Alltel workforce locator is a Location Based Service (LBS) that is meant to help with mobile asset management. The feature is currently available on Samsung R430, Samsung U520, LG AX260 , LG AX300, and other Brew capable handset equipped with LBS support.

“Due to the high cost of transportation, customers have been seeking solutions to increase efficiency within their mobile workforces,” said Rod Egdorf, head of worldwide sales and marketing, Autodesk Location Services. “Workforce Locator is a powerful and flexible tool that helps boost productivity and, as a result, reign in business expenses.”

This system will allow dispatchers to view registered handsets on a web-based map in real time. There is no customer software to install, and no maintenance or custom development required. Workforce locator also contains built in privacy and navigation tools. Deployment costs are minimal the application cost is only $15/month and a one time set up of $19.99 a line.

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