T-Mobile lies to FCC while Blocking AWS-3 Auction

Posted by Kallan Dahn Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The AWS-3 auction has certainly been the center of controversy. Companies like At&t and T-Mobile have filed with the FCC to create further testing of the frequencies siting that they are worried about interference with their own networks. What T-Mobile failed to mention is that they currently use a system on very similar frequencies successfully in the Czech Republic. The T-Mobile Czech Internet network currently covers 60% of the population there! I think this type of selective and blatantly flagrant disregard for the FCC and other carriers should be met with stern fines for T-Mobile. There has to be some kind of law that they broke in the process of doing this. Kind of makes you wonder what exactly T-Mobile is up to. Sounds a little bit sneaky to me.

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