Nuance Automates Customer Care

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nuance has announced a new application in the customers service sector for cellular phones. The applications will be activated by dialing customer care, the the phone will switch to the ap. The application will be capable of displaying such information as current billing information, allowing the customer to make web-based payments, showing the minutes of use, and other vital account information. More in-depth details will be available via a live representative. The hope is the application will be able to identify the proper customer service department, and transfer the customer for one call resolution. This should be an amazing development in the cellular sector in the way of customer satisfaction with the care departments. A cellular carrier has not yet been announced. Nuance is a leader in voice recognition technology, and the owner of award winning voice recognition solution Dragon Naturally Speaking. I would expect to see version two of the application support their voice recognition technology.

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