FCC Protects Consumers From Huge Cell Bills

Posted by Kallan Dahn Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The FCC has announced they are looking into requiring US Cellular carriers to implement a warning system similar to one that already exists in Europe.  The warning system would send a notification to account owners when their mobile bill begins to creep above a certain level of unexpectedness.  The warning would allow users to slow or stop their usage to avoid bills that are astronomical.  The most likely candidate for this type of notification would be to send the users an SMS or email when their account reaches a level over their typical usage.  I think the FCC should consider allowing the users to set that level after they receive their first bill.  Once they know what a normal bill is going to cost they can set a "mobile wallet" style amount to allow others on the account to purchase billed to account ringtones, games, and SMS subscriptions up to a certain amount for all the lines on the account.  The accounts should automatically send email when odd activity like minute overage, and texting overage occurs on the account.  This would allow mobile carriers more monthly revenue from customer that should obviously adjust their monthly plan, allow flexibility in their billing process for each consumer, and still allow safe-guarded monitoring before a bill gets out of hand.

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