Scandinavia To Get Turbo-3G up to 84Mbps

Posted by Kallan Dahn Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scandanavian operator 3 has decided to upgrade their 3G internet service.  Currently 3 is making us of HSPA+ wich has a top data rate of around 28Mbps, but has a wild card up their sleeve.  An evolution of HSPA+  will allow a speed to increase to 42 Mbps by adding multicarrier to the already useful MIMO technology that is already employed currently.  Ericsson has already demonstrated that the technology is capable of hitting 84Mbps, and will be providing the technology to do so.  The three year contract will provide the HSPA Evolution upgrade to the existing 3G network, and an addional WCDMA/HSPA radio network in the 900Mhz frequency. Microwave and optical backhaul is expected to resolve bottle neck issues that will arrise from the new faster data rates as users begin to take advantage of the blazing speed.  Ericsson has mentioned that in time the HSPA Evolution will strech data rates to around 100 Mbps.  3 does not have any plans on providing LTE based services at this time, but instead will follow the HSPA Evolution upgrade path to its limitations before makeing that desicion.

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