Verizon and At&t: Holiday Promo Battle

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, December 4, 2009

Verizon and At&t have been fighting alot lately.  It seems that the holiday should be no exception.  The best promotions of the year are coming out for the wireless industry, and the two industry heavy weights are coming out swinging.  At&t has announced that they will be offering Blackberry's at half price (with 2 year contract of course) and their samsung Solstice for Free after a $50 Mail In Rebate.  Verizon on the other hand has opted to put their full force into Android.  Verizon Wireless will offer the Buy a Droid or Eris and Get another one free.  This promotion will run until Dec 7th. ( 2 year contract, and mail in rebates required)  The Motorola Droid is currently the only Android based device running on Android 2.0.  The Eris however, will recieve an update to 2.0 from Verizon durring the first quarter.

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