Sprint "Most Reliable 3G Network"; No Claims Verizon

Posted by Kallan Dahn Wednesday, November 25, 2009

verizon Wireless is taking Sprint to task over their recent "Most Reliable Network" claim.  After a complaint filed by Verizon Wirelss a national advertising group recommended that Sprint pull its "Most Dependable 3G Network" advertsing.  This comes just a few month after a similar battle between Verizon and At&t, and amidst another battle that has flared up between the two carriers over an ad campagn launched by Verizon.  The NAD (National Advertising Division) of the Better Business Beureau looked over the most recent Nielson drive test data and discovered that Verizon Wireless actually had fewer dropped calls and performed better durring the tests in terms of session reliability. 

Matthew Sullivan, a Sprint spokesman said that Sprint would appeal on the basis that the NAD did not take signal strength information into their desicion.  Sprint claims the signal strength is "the most effective criteria for determining indoor use."  Sprint stands behind their claim, and is confident that the appeals process will produce the results they are looking for. 

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