Sony Rocks 12MP Camera Chip

Posted by Kallan Dahn Friday, November 14, 2008


Sony has announced a new proprietary chip "IMX060PQ".  This chip currently maintains the title for the industries highest pixel count (12.25MP) while maintaining an incredibly small CMOS profile.  This chip was designed exclusively for the need in today's camera phones to leverage a higher quality, while using very little space.  Sony believes that to meet the needs of the consumers demand for camera phones with high performance, both increased performance and miniaturization must be achieved.  Sony has committed itself to lead on the forefront of this movement to fill and important void in consumer products.  This new high performance mini CMOS chip that they are calling EXMOR will be in full production July 2009.  No venders were identified in the press release, however I fully expect the new champion handset manufacturer in the United States Samsung to be among the first manufacturers to place this technology into their phones.

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