Comet EZ and Comet Tracker Active on Alltel

Posted by Kallan Dahn Saturday, October 4, 2008

Actsoft and Alltel have teamed up to release Comet Tracker, and Comet EZ on the Alltel network. The Comet series of products is a complete mobile management solution. Dispatch, work force location, time tracking, and bar code scanning are just a few of the services core abilities. Lets take a look at both products individually.

Comet EZ is a web based LBS (Location Based Service). Customers can manage their workforce through a secure password protected website, and gain real-time information on worker location, job status, task updates, and job times. There is no software installation required to get started. Comet EZ is also enabled to alert via email based on entry of a geographical zone, view the work history of an individual worker or a group, locate the closest worker to a specific location, collection of information in the field (including bar code) and put into a report, remote time card abilities. Cost is $11.99 per month for each unit being tracked. Activation fees are currently waived until January 2009.

Comet Tracker is the "PRO" version on Comet EZ. Comet Tracker is an entire flexible transportation management and fleet tracking software. Reports are able to be customized for maximum efficiency. Comet Tracker maintains all the features available to Comet EZ and expands upon them. Additional functionality includes: Sending alerts via text/email notifying of arrival or departure based on location, silent alerts to office from the field, instant transmission of picture information, signature capture from the field, foreman time clock management, drag and drop dispatching for mobile workers, multiple on demand report viewing (breadcrumb trail, speed, and stop info). Cost is $19.99 per month for each unit being tracked. Activation fees are $20 for each unit. An unlimited data plan will also be required for both Comet Tracker, and Comet EZ. Unlimited data is available via connect pack 1, or included in your Blackberry plan.

Compatible devices are as follows: LG AX565, Blackberry 8830 world edition, Blackberry Curve 8330, Blackberry Pearl.


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