4th Generation Data Race: Sprint's the First to the Track

Posted by Kallan Dahn Monday, September 29, 2008

Sprint just announced that their XOHM service has been launched and in now live in Baltimore MD. XOHM is based on WiMAX a new standard ratified by the IEEE, and is part of the 802.16e service group. The average advertised down-link speed for XOHM is 2-4 Mbps. This service will require no long term contracts, and reasonable device purchases. Customers can purchase XOHM branded Samsung Express Air cards for $59.99 and ZyXEL modems for $79.99 via the XOHM website, telesales, or select Baltimore retailers. Additional WiMAX devices such as ZTE USB modem, Intel Centrino 2 WiMAX notebook PCs, and the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition are expected to be available later this year. Customers will have a choice of the following subscription plans: $10 day pass, $25 Monthly home service, $30 Monthly mobile service, and during launch there will be a special "Pick 2 for Life" allowing the coverage of any 2 Internet devices. Sprint is expected to launch a first-of-its-kind wireless Internet device that will be dual mode 3G for CDMA, and 4G WiMAX 802.16e. The device can be expected to arrive in the 4th quarter of 08. Sprint is still moving forward with their proposed merger to spin off their XOHM WiMAX service into a new company. The new company will be named Clearwire. Sprint will be the only carrier to sell 4G data services from Clearwire, and will perform this using an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) model. The new Clearwire will continue to grow the WiMAX network.

"This is truly an historic day with the birth of a completely new Internet-based business model that alters the dynamics of the traditional telecom industry," explained Barry West, president of Sprint's XOHM business unit. "Wireless consumers will experience WiMAX device and XOHM service innovation on multiple levels as the computer, Internet, telecom and consumer electronics industries converge to redefine wireless mobility."


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