Review of ChaCha Guide Service

Posted by Kallan Dahn Saturday, August 9, 2008

ChaCha is a great option for searching for information without the need to have a high end phone. The service is used by making a cell phone call or sending a text message into the service. ChaCha employs "guides" that are real people to interpret your questions and scour the Internet for you to find the answer. Most questions are answered within 3 minutes, and returned to your phone by way of text message. There is no charge for the service from ChaCha, although your carrier will charge you standard text messaging rates for sending and receiving text messages from this service unless you are a text messaging subscriber with your service of choice. I very much liked the ChaCha experience, but the downfall of the service is the need for location based information to accompany your question. You need to be specific with your questions. Instead of "Where is the cheapest gas?" You need to ask "Where is the Cheapest gas in Chicago?" If ChaCha could find a way to integrate this into the service they would have an even better service on their hands.
I would recommend that anyone try ChaCha. Here is how you can get started.
Simply send a Text message with your questions to 242242, or place a phone call to 1-800-2chacha


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